Wooden floors are a marvel of architecture. They represent status, beauty, good taste and elegance for everyone who has this type of floor in their home, business or office.

However, despite being beautiful and durable, wooden floors tend to be quite delicate if not properly cared for and maintained.

From polishing, to protective creams, to tips for removing that pesky stain, in this article we want to give you the tips you need to keep your wooden surfaces alive, shiny and beautiful.

Learn how to take care of it first! Avoid friction  

As we said, wooden floors are very beautiful, but if you don’t take care of them, they can get scratched over time, especially in areas where there is everyday furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables and shelves whose movement creates friction that damages the wood.

A very useful tip to prevent this from happening is to cover the legs of all your furniture with rubber or cotton cloth bumpers. Also, you can use carpets. (A homemade solution is to make sort of socks and cover their legs).

If you want to take care to a higher level, you can also use shoe covers when walking on wooden floors to prevent all the dirt from the street from causing any damage.

If the wooden floor is already scratched or has a visible mark, is it the end of the world?

No, it is not. As long as the damage is superficial. For example, for scratches and marks on wood, you can use some Vaseline on the affected area, let it act for 15 minutes and polish with a cotton cloth. Repeat this process several times and you will see how the damage dissipates.

If the damage is deeper, such as a missing piece, you can fill it in with a mixture of sawdust and white glue, use fine sandpaper to level the surface and varnish with a color of the tone of the wood.

Removing stains

If a liquid or element that caused a horrible stain fell on your wooden floor, you must do two things: if you are present at the moment when it fell to the surface, remove it with an absorbent towel being careful not to spread the substance any further.

Another option is to mix wine vinegar and olive oil in equal parts and polish until the stain is removed.

How do I clean my wooden floor?

The first thing to keep in mind is that wood is an absorbent material. So, when you clean your surfaces made with this material, you should not use abundant water or spill it as when you are scrubbing cement or ceramic floors. DO NOT DO IT.

Remove the dust from the wood with a mop, soft bristle brush and in the best of cases a vacuum cleaner.

Then, mix water with a special wood cleaning product of your choice and mop your floor (wring out the mop as much as possible so that it is as dry as possible).

A final bonus is to mop the floor after it has been cleaned with a wood cream to nourish, protect and shine.

– A wooden floor represents status, elegance and good taste. Learn how to take care of it so that it never stops shining.

* Wood is beautiful, but it’s also delicate! 

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