Steps to clean your business premises

When you use a commercial premise, you are looking to reach an audience in order to sell your services, ideas or products. However, in order to do this successfully you must always have a good first intention and know how to attract attention.

It is more than obvious that to do this you must start by having your premises clean, impeccable and with a good smell that allows your customers to experience a pleasant atmosphere. How to do it? Our experts at Proclean recommend:

1 – Create a daily routine for cleaning the premises.

2 – This should start with the ventilation. Renewing the air in the room is important, in order to free up the space and renew the atmosphere with fresh air.

3 – After ventilating and maintaining this ventilation, follow the sweeping of the surfaces, which must be done with mops (dry) and vacuumed so as not to disperse the dust.

4 – Continue with the cleaning of buildings and equipment, which should be done with microfiber cloths, dry or wet with cleaning products depending on the area to be cleaned. Cleaning a desk is not the same as cleaning a computer.

5 – Carpet vacuuming is the next step. These surfaces absorb a lot of dirt and should be cleaned regularly.

6 – Emptying bins. Even if it doesn’t look like it, in a store or office, trash cans are always full of paper and other waste. Emptying them every day should be a habit.

7 – The plus of the aromatizer. In a manual or automatic spray, a good aromatizer helps create an ideal atmosphere.

Extra tip: Cleaning office bathrooms involves a different process which should also be done daily with specialized products.

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