Discolored carpet?

If you have a carpet in your home, business or office that you like a lot but that has lost its color over time, these tips will be very useful to bring it back to life and continue to show off your floor with pride.

1 – Mix coarse salt with water until a pasty substance is created, spread it all over the carpet and let it dry for 1 hour. Remove with a brush and vacuum the remains and watch the color return.

2 – Another option is to take alcohol vinegar, heat it up a bit and moisten a cloth to rub the carpet completely for at least 20 minutes. Leave it for another 10 and wipe another dry cloth to remove the dirt and finally vacuum.

3 – When the carpet is very colorful, coffee can be your ally. To do this, impregnate a cotton cloth with hot coffee and rub the whole carpet, let it dry and act for 10 minutes and remove with a cloth moistened with hot water and that’s it!

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